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Current issue highlights: (July 2022, Volume 25, Issue 4)

  1. Ultrasound-guided Genicular Nerve Blockade With Pharmacological Agents for Chronic Knee Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review
    Systematic Review
    Yeow Leng Tan, MBBS, MRCP, Edmund Jin Rui Neo, MBBS, MMed, and Tze Chao Wee, MBBS.
  2. Superior and Middle Cluneal Nerve Entrapment: A Cause of Low Back and Radicular Pain
    Scoping Review
    Helen W. Karl, MD, Standiford Helm, MD, and Andrea M. Trescot, MD.
  3. Efficacy, Safety, and Predictors of Response to Pulsed Radiofrequency Therapy for Acute Zoster-Related Trigeminal Neuralgia Patients: A Multicenter Retrospective Study
    Retrospective Study
    Yitong Jia, MD, Ying Shen, MD, Lan Meng, MD, Tao Wang, MD, and Fang Luo, MD.
  4. The Role of Neuromodulation in Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Review Article
    Chandni B. Patel, DO, Ankur A. Patel, DO, and Sudhir Diwan, MD.
  5. The Therapeutic Efficacy of Pulsed Radiofrequency Alone Versus a Dexamethasone and Pulsed Radiofrequency Combination in Patients With Trigeminal Postherpetic Neuralgia: A Double-blind, Randomized Controlled Trial
    Randomized Controlled Trial
    Min Li, PhD, Han Hu, PhD, Sheng-Xiong Tong, PhD, Shao-Jun Li, PhD, Jia-Yu Tian, PhD, Shu-Li Zhang, PhD, and Dan Feng, PhD.
  6. Basivertebral Nerve Ablation for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Scoping Review of the Literature
    Scoping Review
    William Schnapp, MD, Kenneth Martiatu, CRA, and Gaëtan J.-R. Delcroix, PhD.
  7. Comparison of Changes in the Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter Following Thoracic Epidural Normal Saline Injection in Laparoscopic Surgery
    Prospective Randomized Trial
    Ji Seob Kim, MD, Ji Hee Hong, MD, PhD, and Ji Hoon Park, MD, PhD.
  8. Ultrasound-guided Erector Spinae Muscle Block Versus Ultrasound-guided Caudal Block in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Lower Abdominal Surgeries
    Randomized Controlled Trial
    Amr Nady Abdelrazik, MD, Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim, MD, Arwa Essam Farghaly, MBBCh, and Shadwa Rabea Mohamed, MD.
  9. Local Anesthetic and Steroid Injection to Relieve the Distal Lumbosacral Pain in Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures of Patients Treated with Kyphoplasty
    Randomized Controlled Trial
    Fanguo Lin, MD, Yuye Zhang, MD, Tao Wu, *, Yanping Niu, MD, Peng Su, MD, Jun Hua, MD, and Yongming Sun, PhD.
  10. Postoperative Pain in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Randomized Controlled Trial
    Nur Canbolat, MD, Irem Basaran, MD, Demet Altun, MD, Turgut Akgul, MD, and Mehmet I. Buget, MD.