Editor-in-Chief: Alan David Kaye, MD, PhD
Managing Editor: Fellows Bert, MA

Pain Physician is the official publication of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). The open access journal is published 6 times a year.

Pain Physician is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, open access journal written by and directed to an audience of interventional pain physicians, clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in interventional pain management and pain medicine.

Pain Physician presents the latest studies, research, and information vital to those in the emerging specialty of interventional pain management – and critical to the people they serve.

Current issue highlights: (March 2018, Volume 21, Issue 2)

  1. An Update of the Systematic Appraisal of the Accuracy and Utility of Discography in Chronic Spinal Pain
    Systematic Review
    Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD, Amol Soin, MD, Ramsin M. Benyamin, MD, Vijay Singh, MD, Frank JE Falco, MD, Aaron K. Calodney, MD, Vahid Grami, MD, MPH, and Joshua A. Hirsch, MD.
  2. Neuropathic Pain in Acute and Subacute Neuropathies: A Systematic Review
    Systematic Review
    Artemios Kin Artemiadis, MD, PhDc, and Panagiotis Zis, MD, PhD.
  3. Is Vitamin D Supplementation Effective for Low Back Pain? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Systematic Review
    Joshua Zadro, BAppSc, Debra Shirley, PhD, Manuela Ferreira, PhD, Ana Paula Carvalho Silva, MSc, Sarah E. Lamb, PhD, Cyrus Cooper, PhD, and Paulo H. Ferreira, PhD.
  4. Anatomy, Pathophysiology and Interventional Therapies for Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Review
    Comprehensive Review
    Corey W. Hunter, MD, Brad Stovall, DO, Grant Chen, MD, Jonathan Carlson, MD, and Robert Levy, MD, PhD.
  5. Fluoroscopic Guided Radiofrequency of Genicular Nerves for Pain Alleviation in Chronic Knee Osteoarthritis: A Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial
    Randomized Trial
    Eman H. El-Hakeim, MD, Abdelraheem Elawamy, MD, Emad Zarief Kamel, MD, Samar H. Goma, MD, Rania M. Gamal, MD, Abeer M. Ghandour, MD, Ayman M. Osman, MD, and Khalid M. Morsy, MD.
  6. A Randomized, Double-Blind Study of the Effects of a Sustained Release Formulation of Sodium Nitrite (SR-nitrite) on Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy
    Randomized Trial
    Amol Soin, MD, Glen Bock, PhD, Anthony Giordano, PhD, Chirag Patel, MD, and David Drachman, PhD.
  7. Evaluation of the Effect of Duration on the Efficacy of Pulsed Radiofrequency in an Animal Model of Neuropathic Pain
    Randomized Trial
    Eiad A. Ramzy, MD, Khaled I. Khalil, MD, Eman M. Nour, PhD, Mohammed F. Hamed, PhD, and Mohamed A. Taha, PhD.
  8. Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment for Chronic Post-Surgical Orchialgia: A Double-Blind, Sham-Controlled, Randomized Trial: Three-Month Results
    Randomized Controlled Trial
    Diab Fuad Hetta, MD, Ali Mohammed Mahran, MD, and Emad Eldien Kamal, MD.
  9. Effect of Dexmedetomidine Added to Modified Pectoral Block on Postoperative Pain and Stress Response in Patient Undergoing Modified Radical Mastectomy
    Randomized Trial
    Mohamed A. Bakr, MD, Sahar A. Mohamed, MD, Mohamad F. Mohamad, MD, Montaser A. Mohamed, MD, Fatma A. El Sherif, MD, Eman Mosad, MD, and Mohammed F. Abdel-Hamed, MSc.
  10. The Effect of Bipolar Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment on Chronic Lumbosacral Radicular Pain Refractory to Monopolar Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment
    Prospective Study
    Dong Gyu Lee, MD, Yun Woo Cho, MD, Sang Ho Ahn, MD, and Min Cheol Chang, MD.
  11. Unique Complications of Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy and Percutaneous Endoscopic Interlaminar Discectomy
    Retrospective Review
    Chuanli Zhou, MD, Guoqing Zhang, MD, Ripul R. Panchal, DO, Xianfeng Ren, MD, Hongfei Xiang, MD, Ma Xuexiao, MD, Xiaoliang Chen, MD, Gu Tongtong, DO, Wang Hong, DO, and Alana D. Dixson, MD, PhD.
  12. Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy for Treatment of Central Disc Herniation: Surgical Techniques and Clinical Outcome
    Retrospective Review
    Yapeng Wang, MD, Wei Zhang, MD, Lichao Lian, MD, Jiaxin Xu, MD, and Wenyuan Ding, MD.
  13. Chronic Pelvic Pain: Neurogenic or Non-Neurogenic? Warm Detection Threshold Testing Supports a Diagnosis of Pudendal Neuropathy
    Observational Study
    Stanley J. Antolak, MD, and Christopher M. Antolak, MD.
  14. Neonatal Sleep Restriction Increases Nociceptive Sensitivity in Adolescent Mice
    Animal Study
    Paula Araujo, PhD, Cesar A. Coelho, PhD, Maria G. Oliveira, PhD, Sergio Tufik, MD, PhD, and Monica L. Andersen, PhD.
  15. Association of Higher Migraine Risk Among Female and Younger Chronic Osteomyelitis Patients: Evidence from a Taiwan Cohort of One Million
    Retrospective Study
    Jiunn-Horng Chen, MD, PhD, Shih-Chi Wu, MD, Chih-Hsin Muo, MSc, Chia-Hung Kao, MD, Chun-Hung Tseng, MD, and Chon-Haw Tsai, MD, PhD.