Editor-in-Chief: Alan David Kaye, MD, PhD
Managing Editor: Fellows Bert, MA

Pain Physician is the official publication of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). The open access journal is published 6 times a year.

Pain Physician is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, open access journal written by and directed to an audience of interventional pain physicians, clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in interventional pain management and pain medicine.

Pain Physician presents the latest studies, research, and information vital to those in the emerging specialty of interventional pain management – and critical to the people they serve.

Current issue highlights: (January 2018, Volume 21, Issue 1)

  1. Buprenorphine Formulations: Clinical Best Practice Strategies Recommendations for Perioperative Management of Patients Undergoing Surgical or Interventional Pain Procedures
    Adrian B. Jonan, MD, Alan D. Kaye, MD, PhD, and Richard D. Urman, MD.
  2. Fusion or Not for Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review
    Systematic Review
    Jieliang Shen, PhD, Shen Xu, MD, Shenxi Xu, MD, Sen Ye, MD, and Jie Hao, PhD.
  3. Characteristics of the Middle Cervical Sympathetic Ganglion: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Systematic Review
    Chan Park, MD, Chong Hyun Suh, MD, Ji Eun Shin, MD, and Jung Hwan Baek, MD, PhD.
  4. Efficacy of Pain Relief in Different Postherpetic Neuralgia Therapies: A Network Meta-Analysis
    Dehua Song, MD, Aijie He, MD, Renhua Xu, PhD, Xiaolin Xiu, BA, and Yulian Wei, BA.
  5. Pulsed Radiofrequency Improves Neuropathic Pain in Chronic Constriction Injury Rats through the Upregulation of the Transcription and Translation Levels of Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
    Randomized Trial
    Jin Hailong, MD, Ren Hao, MD, Jia Zipu, MD, Ji Nan, MD, and Luo Fang, MD.
  6. Ultrasound-Guided Genicular Nerve Block for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Double-Blind, Randomized Controlled Trial of Local Anesthetic Alone or in Combination with Corticosteroid
    Randomized Trial
    Doo-Hwan Kim, MD, Seong-Soo Choi, MD, PhD, Syn-Hae Yoon, MD, So-Hee Lee, MD, Dong-Kyun Seo, MD, In-Gyu Lee, MD, Woo-Jong Choi, MD, PhD, and Jin-Woo Shin, MD, PhD.
  7. Reducing Radiation Exposure in Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections with Pulsed Fluoroscopy: A Randomized, Double-blind, Controlled Clinical Trial
    Randomized Trial
    Edward Braun, MD, Andrew M. Sack, MD, Dawood Sayed, MD, Smith Manion, MD, Brian Hamm, MD, Michael Brimacombe, PhD, Michael Tollette, MD, Talal W. Khan, MD, Walter Orr, MPH, and Andrea Nicol, MD.
  8. Cerebral Blood Flow and Heart Rate Variability in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Randomized Cross-Over Study
    Randomized Trial
    Anneleen Malfliet, PT, MSc, Roselien Pas, PT, MSc, Raf Brouns, MD, PhD, Joris De Win, MD, Samar M. Hatem, MD, PhD, Mira Meeus, PT, PhD, Kelly Ickmans, PT, PhD, Robbert-Jan van Hooff, MD, PhD, and Jo Nijs, PT, PhD.
  9. Implication of Two Different Doses of Intradiscal Ozone-Oxygen Injection upon the Pain Alleviation in Patients with Low Back Pain: A Randomized, Single-Blind Study
    Randomized Trial
    Abdelraheem Elawamy, MD, Emad Zarief Kamel, MD, Manal Hassanien, MD, Ola M. Wahba, MD, and Shereen Ezzat Amin, MD.
  10. Sacroiliac Joint Intraarticular Injection in True Anteroposterior View: Description of a New C-Arm Guided Method
    Case Series
    Arman Taheri, MD, Mahbod Lajevardi, MD, Mohsen Abad, MD, Jayran Zebardast, RN, and Sanaz Shaabani, MD.
  11. Outcome of Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection According to the Severity of Lumbar Foraminal Spinal Stenosis
    Prospective Observational Study
    Min Cheol Chang, MD, and Dong Gyu Lee, MD.
  12. The Termination Level of the Dural Sac Relevant to Caudal Epidural Block in Lumbosacral Transitional Vertebrae: A Comparison between Sacralization and Lumbarization Groups
    Retrospective Study
    Ji Young Jeon, MD, Yu Mi Jeong, MD, Sheen-Woo Lee, MD, Jeong Ho Kim, MD, Hye-Young Choi, MD, and Yong Ahn, MD.
  13. Dual Site Pudendal Nerve Infiltration: More than Just a Diagnostic Test?
    Retrospective Study
    Adrian Kastler, MD, PhD, Julien Puget, MD, Florence Tiberghien, MD, Jean-Michel Pellat, MD, Alexandre Krainik, MD, PhD, and Bruno Kastler, MD, PhD.
  14. Risk Factors for the Occurrence of Insufficient Cement Distribution in the Fractured Area after Percutaneous Vertebroplasty in Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures
    Retrospective Evaluation
    Lin-qiang Ye, MD, De Liang, MM, Xiao-bing Jiang, MD, Zhen-song Yao, MD, Huan Lu, MD, Ting Qiu, MB, Wei-bo Yu, MM, Ling Mo, MM, Shun-cong Zhang, MM, and Da-xiang Jin, MD.
  15. Do Pain Medicine Fellowship Programs Provide Education in Practice Management? A Survey of Pain Medicine Fellowship Programs
    Rene Przkora, MD, PhD, Ajay Antony, MD, Andrew McNeil, DO, Gary J. Brenner, MD, PhD, James Mesrobian, MD, Richard Rosenquist, MD, and Amr E. Abouleish, MD.