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2008;11;257-261. Sclerotherapy of Baker?s Cyst with Imaging Confirmation of Resolution
Case Report
Christopher J. Centeno, MD, John Schultz, MD, and Michael Freeman, PhD

Background: Bakerís cysts are commonly encountered in pain management practices.

Objective: To ascertain if sclerotherapy treatment of a Bakerís cyst could produce objectively verifiable MRI imaging changes.

Design: Case report.

Methods: A 52-year-old white male with a posterior horn of the medial meniscus tear and a large Bakerís cyst who had failed conservative care and drainage was imaged before treatment with sclerosing. Three injections of 12.5% dextrose and anesthetic with sodium morrhuate were injected intraarticular into the right knee after drainage.

Results: The Bakerís cyst resolved on both postoperative imaging after the completion of care as well as on physical examination.

Conclusions: Prolotherapy in this case study seemed to be an effective treatment for Bakerís cyst in this patient.


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