Pain Physician

Official Journal of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
March/April 2014 - Volume 17 Issue 2
Alan D Kaye. MD, PhD

Managing Editor - Bert Fellows, MA

2014;17;E111-E118. The Disastrous but Preventable Consequences of ICD-10
Public Health Policy Opinion
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD, Frank J.E. Falco, MD, Alan D Kaye, MD, PhD, and Joshua A. Hirsch, MD


2014;17;E119-E128. Assessment of the Trends in Medical Use and Misuse of Opioid Analgesics from 2004 to 2011
Health Policy Research
Sairam Atluri, MD, Gururau Sudarshan, MD, and Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD


2014;17;E129-E139. Percutaneous Adhesiolysis Procedures in the Medicare Population: Analysis of Utilization and Growth Patterns from 2000 to 2011
Health Policy Review
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD, Standiford Helm II, MD, Vidyasagar Pampati, MSc, and Gabor B. Racz, MD


2014;17;109-118. Long-Term Neuropsychological Effects of Opioid Use in Children: A Descriptive Literature Review
Comprehensive Review
Gaurav Jain, MD, Vijaita Mahendra, MPhil, MSc, Sarita Singhal, MD, Kristina Dzara, PhD, Trinadha R. Pilla, MD, Renee Manworren, PhD, and Alan D Kaye, MD, PhD


2014;17;E141-E147. Prevalence of Chronic Pelvic Pain Among Women: An Updated Review
Systematic Review
Alebtekin Ahangari, BSc, PT


2014;17;E149-E173. Nucleoplasty, a Minimally Invasive Procedure for Disc Decompression: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Published Clinical Studies
Philipp Maximilian Eichen, MD, Nils Achilles, MD, Volker Konig, PhD, Ralph Mosges, MD, PhD, Martin Hellmich, PhD, Bastian Himpe, MD, and Rainer Kirchner, MD, PhD


2014;17;119-125. Timing of Neuraxial Pain Interventions Following Blood Patch for Post Dural Puncture Headache
A Current Opinion
Naum Shaparin, MD, Karina Gritsenko, MD, David Shapiro, MD, Boleslav Kosharskyy, MD, Alan D Kaye, MD, PhD, and Howard S. Smith, MD


2014;17;127-137. Short-Term Treatment with Parecoxib for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Double-Blind Trial
Randomized Trial
Anna J Breuer, MD, Tina Mainka, MD, Nora Hansel, BSc, Christoph Maier, Dr. med, and Elena K Krumova, Dr. med


2014;17;139-144. Optimal Needle Entry Angle for Cervical Transforaminal Epidural Injections
Retrospective Evaluation
Boqing Chen, MD, PhD, Leia Rispoli, MSIV, Todd P Stitik, MD, Patrick M. Foye, MD, and John S. Georgy, MD


2014;17;145-154. Effect of Two Contrasting Interventions on Upper Limb Chronic Pain and Disability: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Randomized Trial
Emil Sundstrup, MSc, Markus D. Jakobsen, MSc, Christoffer H. Andersen, PhD, Kenneth Jay, MSc, Roger Persson, PhD, Per Aagaard, PhD, and Lars L. Andersen, PhD


2014;17;155-162. A Pressure Comparison Between Midline and Paramedian Approaches to the Cervical Epidural Space
Randomized Trial
Young Joo, MD, Jee Youn Moon, MD, PhD, Yong Chul Kim, MD, PhD, Sang Chul Lee, MD, PhD, Hye Young Kim, MD, PhD, and Soo Young Park, MD, PhD


2014;17;163-168. The Distance from Skin to Cervical and High Thoracic Epidural Space on Chinese Adults as Read from MRI
Prospective Study
Qianqian Zhao, MD, Kechang Huang, MD, Jianxiong An, MD, PhD, Qiwu Fang, MD, Hui Wen, MD, Xiaoyan Qian, CRNA, Doris K Cope, MD, and John P. Williams, MD


2014;17;169-178. The Effects of Gastroretentive Gabapentin (Gralise®) on Spinal Stenosis Patients with Radicular Pain
Prospective Study
Alan D Kaye, MD, PhD, Franklin Rivera Bueno, MS, MS, Bonnie Katalenich, MPG, Carol Stell, RN, Henry Liu, MD, Frank A. Rosinia, MD, Erik Luk, MD, Ken Ehrhardt, BS, and Charles J Fox, MD


2014;17;179-185. Prednisolone in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Retrospective Review
Nilgun Simsir Atalay, MD, Ozlem Ercidogan, MD, Nuray Akkaya, MD, and Fusun Sahin, MD


2014;17;E175-E211. The Science of Conventional and Water-Cooled Monopolar Lumbar Radiofrequency Rhizotomy: An Electrical Engineering Point of View
Comprehensive Review
Richard D. Ball, MD, PhD


2014;17;187-195. The Effects of Dexmedetomidine Alone and in Combination with Tramadol or Amitriptyline in a Neuropathic Pain Model
Controlled Animal Study
Hanan SM Farghaly, PhD, Rasha B Abd-ellatief, MD, Marie Z. Moftah, PhD, Mostafa G. Mostafa, MD, Eman M Khedr, MD, and Hassan I. Kotb, MD


2014;17;197-202. Acquiring the Optimal Time for Hyperbaric Therapy in the Rat Model of CFA Induced Arthritis
Controlled Animal Study
Sung Tae Koo, KMD, PhD, Chang-Hyung Lee, MD, PhD, Yong Il Shin, MD, PhD, Hyun Yoon Ko, MD, PhD, Da Gyo Lee, BS, and Han-Sol Jeong, KMD, PhD


2014;17;E213-E218. Posttraumatic and Postsurgical Neuropathic Pain Responsive to Treatment with Capsaicin 8% Topical Patch
Case Report
Panagiotis Zis, MD, PhD, Alexandros Apsokardos, MD, Christina Isaia, MD, Panagiota Sykioti, MD, and Athina Vadalouca, MD, PhD


2014;17;E219-E224. Spinal Cord Injury from Fluoroscopically Guided Intercostal Blocks with Phenol
Case Report
Narayan R. Kissoon, MD, Jonathan Graff-Radford, MD, James C Watson, MD, and Ruple S. Laughin, MD


2014;17;E225-E228. Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia Altered with Propofol Infusion
Case Study
Alan D Kaye, MD, PhD, Keun Sam Chung, MD, Nalini Vadivelu, MD, Catalin Cantemir, MD, Richard D. Urman, MD, and Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD


2014;17;E229-E233. Coccyx Fractures Treated with Intranasal Calcitonin
Case Series
Patrick M. Foye, MD, Peter Shupper, MD, and Ian Wendel, DO


2014;17;E235-E236. The Use of Intravenous Lidocaine in Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain Relief and Palliative Care Unit
Letter to the Editor
Evmorfia Stavropoulou, MD, Panagiotis Zis, MD, PhD, and Athina Vadalouca, MD, PhD


2014;17;E235-E236. In Response
Boleslav Kosharskyy, MD


2014;17;E237-E238. Radiation Oncologists’ Response to Pundendal Entrapment Neuropathy
Letter to the Editor
Richard S. Pieters, MD, MEd, Hartley Sirkis, MD, and Jesse N Aronowitz, MD


2014;17;E239-E240. Transient Brainstem Anaesthesia Following a Diagnostic Block for Trigeminal Neuralgia
Letter to the Editor
Kamath Sriganesh, DM, Manish Ranjan, MCh, Sudhir Ventataramaiah, MD, and Sampath Somanna, MCh


2014;17;E241-E242. A Case of Intractable Hiccups Successfully Treated with Pregabalin
Letter to the Editor
Yuka Matsuki, MD, Maki Mizogami, MD, PhD, and Kenji Shigemi, MD


2014;17;203. In Errata


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